Actus du 10 Août 2020 - source :

WIPO and Music Rights Awareness Foundation to Collaborate in Favor of Creators

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Music Rights Awareness Foundation (MRAF) have joined forces to support creators around the world in ensuring they are recognized and fairly remunerated for their work by increasing knowledge and awareness of their intellectual property (IP) rights. Read more

Actus du 31 Juillet 2020 - source :

Summary published for user consultation on EPO Guidelines

The EPO has published the statistical summary of almost 150 submissions received from users in the first ever public consultation on the EPC and PCT-EPO Guidelines. Read more

Actus du 31 Juillet 2020 - source :

Celebrating diversity throughout Europe

To mark LGBT+ pride in Amsterdam, the EPO raises the rainbow flag at its office in the Netherlands Read more

Actus du 30 Juillet 2020 - source :

WIPO and CISAC Announce New Repertoire Data Agreement to Support Collective Management Organizations

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) today announced an important advancement in their cooperation, with a particular benefit for Collective Management Organizations (CMOs) representing creators in developing countries. Read more

Actus du 24 Juillet 2020 - source :

IP5 agree to strengthen co-operation to tackle global challenges

The heads of the world's five largest intellectual property offices (IP5) convened for their 13th annual meeting, the first to be conducted by video conference, to take stock of major achievements in their co-operation initiatives over the past year, and address the priorities for IP5 co-operation in view of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

Actus du 22 Juillet 2020 - source :

EPO President meets with Ibero-American IPOs

On Wednesday 15 July the President of the EPO, António Campinos, met with the Heads of the Ibero-American intellectual property offices. The virtual meeting replaced the annual EPO-IMPI joint event usually held in Geneva in the fringes of the WIPO General Assemblies. Read more

Actus du 21 Juillet 2020 - source :

Interest in 3D printing strongly on the rise

Joint EPO and EUIPO 3D printing conference draws participants from Europe and beyond Read more

Actus du 17 Juillet 2020 - source :

Record numbers of oral proceedings by VICO in 2020

So far this year over 1000 oral proceedings have been held by videoconference Read more

Actus du 16 Juillet 2020 - source :

Joint message from the EPO and the KIPO on COVID-19

In the face of the unprecedented global challenges posed by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the EPO and the KIPO stand united in expressing their deepest sympathy with the families of the COVID-19 victims, and understanding for our users, who are experiencing hardships - whether directly or indirectly - in their daily lives. Read more

Actus du 16 Juillet 2020 - source :

Committed to common solutions to global challenges – a joint message from the EPO and the JPO

The EPO and the JPO express their deepest sympathy for the loss of life resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, and declare their solidarity with all those suffering personal and economic hardships. Read more

Actus du 13 Juillet 2020 - source :

Europe is a global hub for innovation in 3D printing

EPO’s latest landscaping study entitled “Patents and additive manufacturing – Trends in 3D printing technologies” demonstrates that innovation in this field is surging across multiple industries. Read more