Actus du 01 Octobre 2022 - source :

Montenegro becomes 39th Contracting State

Montenegro accedes to the European Patent Convention Read more

Actus du 30 Septembre 2022 - source :

EPO launches its new Patent Quality Charter

Renewing our promise to deliver high-quality patents and services Read more

Actus du 28 Septembre 2022 - source :

National measures relating to the Unitary Patent

New booklet provides overview over most important national measures accompanying the implementation of the Unitary Patent in the participating Member States Read more

Actus du 23 Septembre 2022 - source :

Nurturing next generation IP talent

EPO launches Young Professional Programme Read more

Actus du 19 Septembre 2022 - source :

Global Innovation Index 2022: Switzerland, the U.S., and Sweden lead the Global Innovation Ranking; China Approaches Top 10; India and Türkiye Ramping Up Fast; Impact-Driven Innovation Needed in Turbulent Times

Switzerland, the United States, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands are the world’s most-innovative economies, according to WIPO’s 2022 Global Innovation Index (GII). The report shows that research and development (R&D) and other investments that drive worldwide innovative activity boomed in 2021 despite the COVID-19 pandemic, but face an uncertain near-term future in a tense geopolitical and economic climate. Read more

Actus du 16 Septembre 2022 - source :

EPO Vice-President meets with Bavarian State Minister Huml

Focus on questions of fostering innovation locally Read more

Actus du 16 Septembre 2022 - source :

EPO-CNIPA Joint Communiqué: Chinese applicants may continue to designate EPO as ISA

CNIPA and EPO agree to extend successful pilot until 30 November 2023 Read more

Actus du 15 Septembre 2022 - source :

Ready for the EPO’s first ever public CodeFest?

Help achieve a more sustainable future and register now to be in with a chance of winning this major new competition. Read more

Actus du 14 Septembre 2022 - source :

Global Innovation Index’s Global Science & Technology Clusters: East Asia Dominates Top Ranking

Four of the world’s five biggest science and technology clusters are located in East Asia – one in Japan, two in China, one in Republic of Korea and the fifth in the United States – according to an early release from the 2022 edition of WIPO’s Global Innovation Index (GII). Read more

Actus du 09 Septembre 2022 - source :

EPO marks the loss of a public service role model

Condolences on passing of Queen Elizabeth II Read more

Actus du 06 Septembre 2022 - source :

European Patent Administration Certification (EPAC): enrol now

Register for the first EPAC exam in December Read more